Exquisite Dinning Restaurant & Bar in Festac

Our restaurant with exquisite ambience offers an exceptional dining experience for individuals, families and groups.

Outdoor Event Catering Service

If you are looking for the right catering solution for your upcoming event, we are your go-to partner for seamless catering service delivery.

Private Dining Space

Kulture Kitchen offers private dining spaces perfect for breakfast meetings, exclusive dinners, and intimate celebrations.

Local, Continental & Kulture Special

Treat yourself to an unforgettable dining experience, with our exquisite menu and variety of fine-quality drinks & wines.


Our Chefs make great meals from a place of love with amazing recipes.

First Class Space

Elegant and classy dining and winning restaurant in Festac

Preparation Process

Local and continental dishes prepared in a clean enviroment

Outdoor Catering

Cost-effective nationwide outdoor catering solution

Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

Committed to Delicious Food and Excellent Hospitality

Kulture Kitchen crafts inspired dishes reflective of our Nigeria’s diverse culture and more. Our chefs work closely with farmers and suppliers to source the finest ingredients from across the nation to make your experience unforgettable.

Private Dinning Service

Our private dining space is perfect for group dinners, celebrations, anniversaries, business meetings, and business dinners for up to 30 people.


Fast Delivery in Festac and Environs

We deliver freshly cooked meals and drinks to corporate bodies and individuals.  We can deliver according to your specification for bulk orders for dinners and events or single individual orders.

Kulture Kitchen is an amazing and exquisite restaurant located in Festac, the heart of Lagos. We provide exceptional tasty meals, outdoor catering, and private dinning solutions to private and corporate bodies in Lagos, Nigeria.


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TUESDAY  __________  9:AM - 10PM

WEDNESDAY  ______  9:AM - 10PM

THURSDAY  ________  9:AM - 10PM

FRIDAY  ____________  10:AM - 11PM

SATURDAY  ________ 10:AM - 11PM

SUNDAY  ___________ 10:AM - 11PM



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House 1, 21 Road V Close Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria


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